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Casual Conversation

Designed for everyone, the course aims to give you more opportunities to apply what you have learnt from Chinese class. With guidance from our native Chinese tutors and a strong emphasis on application, you'll be able to speak Mandarin comfortably in no time.

  • 1

    topics covered

  • 10

    hours of lessons

  • 20

    new words

  • Includes Lesson slides,audio summary and practice papers


This course is for students who wish to boost their Mandarin fluency in a short time period. Students can upload topics based on their preferences or have one-on-one conversations with a native tutor in China. The tutor will evaluate the student’s pronunciation, grammar and sentence structure. There are 3 options that the student can choose from:

i)   Upload your own topic that you are interested in

ii)  Have one of LightBeijing's pre-prepared conversation topics

iii) Just have a casual chat with the tutor about anything under the sky (or above, if you are into space travel)

This casual approach is definitely a fun way to boost your confidence in Mandarin effortlessly.

•    To be able to converse in Mandarin confidently and fluently

•    To participate in Chinese social interactions



•     Online Tutor

•     Summary Audio Clip